Dave Grohl is Ridiculously Nice

Lemme tell you something here-and I mean this from the bottom of my sometimes cynical heart-I truly believe that people can be good and posses the ability to not try to do something shady. HOWEVER-as often as I have seen autograph hounds- people who get celebrity signatures so they can turn around and make a profit-bug famous folk, I can understand being annoyed with them. There ARE people who genuinely want to keep the autograph...but if you go to eBay, you'll probably see a bunch of bulk items signed by celebrities from one seller. Hell, I haven't even looked to see what's being whored out from this year's Comic Con. 

ANYWAY, point of all of this is...Dave Grohl is amazingly calm and patient with these dudes. This is especially about the guy who said he'd never seen Foo Fighters play, but practically had a drum set for Dave to sign. Bless you, Grohl. You're a better person that I will ever be. 

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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