That Time Green Day Freaked Out

Man, you know what's not at ALL nerve-wracking? Sitting here in the studio, monitoring the broadcast of a music festival, and Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day throwing around the biggest F-Bombs of the year. I wasn't-AT ALL-worried that I may hit the delay (meaning the thing that would censor those F-Bombs) too slowly, getting fines from the FCC, or have to run and hide. Nope. Thanks, Billie Joe. 

In fairness, while he was clearly intoxicated, I see his point in getting mad that their set was cut short for Usher. Like...really? You're going to cut off a legendary band that's been working way longer than any other artist that night? C'mon. So, while I feared for my job, I get it. Watch if you want, but boooooooooooy, you better not watch at work. There's a lot of bad words. This is your warning. 

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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