The New Trailer for Dumbo is Kind of Creepy

Now, I have never read the story that Disney's Dumbo is based on, but I think it was sort of established from a child's toy? That's the story that I know of, at least.  The 1941 animated Disney film was a favorite of mine when I was a kid (I kind of cringe at a few things now that I'm older and pay attention to stuff), so this was...ok. When I first saw a picture of the NEW Dumbo, the baby elephant looked a bit creepy. I know I wasn't the only person to think this, so I wonder if Tim Burton and Disney were thinking of this. 

Disney executives: "Hey! People think it's creepy! Let's work that angle, slow down the sweet mother/son bonding song so it sounds like a haunted lullaby, and see if the kids eat this s**t up. Tim, you down to make this creepier?"

Tim Burton: "Let me consult with my advisor." *leans over to Johnny Depp and asks for permission* "Yes, let's make Dumbo scary. What could go wrong?"

Dumbo is out in 2019. Check out the trailer below:

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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