Woman Pulled Over For Driving Bumper Car in China

True story, about a month ago, I was this lady. My old car was chugging along very slowly- slow for even the right lane! Anyway, R.I.P. Uncle Scrooge the Car. At least you're not a bumper car in traffic in CHINA. Have you ever seen videos of Chinese streets and roads? It's terrifying! So the fact that this lady is so hunky dory about driving her bumper cars in this traffic, is crazy!

(WTNH) - Police officers in China pulled over a woman who was driving a bumper car on the street.

The woman seemed not to care in the least as much larger vehicles whizzed past her.

Police stopped her, gave her a stern lecture and took the bumper car.

Apparently, she actually runs a bumper car business and has to carry the cars from home to the shop each day.

She drives them on the street to save time.

Officials did not say if she is facing any charges.


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