68-Year Old Retiree Takes the Highway to Hell

Jenny Darren knows the game, and she knew exactly how to approach her recent Britain's Got Talent spot to make the biggest splash. 

Darren took the stage playing the part of a sweet old lady to a T. Wearing a cardigan over a dull, floral shirt, with a long skirt and her hair hastily clipped atop her head, like she had to rush straight from tea time to the set. 

When asked by the judges, Darren revealed that she was 68 years old and retired, but from what profession she didn't volunteer. She politely assured Simon Cowell that she was indeed there to win before getting the go-ahead to sing AC/DC's "Highway to Hell."

Some thoughts: how crazy is it that a 68-year old woman is named JENNY? I suspect that it will one day be common to hear about a 75-year old named Topanga. Also, can you imagine the fun this lady will have when she turns 69? That's stupid rock and roll bafoonery and I hope she lives it up. And third, this woman is a treasure.  

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