The Most Uncomfortable Thing on TV in Quite A While

My brother sent this to me the other day and I am still trying to figure it out. Were these a couple of L.A.-based background actors just trying to get some attention on TV? Was she drunk? Did he actually assume that he was in a couple? Has she been screwing around behind his back? Lots of things. Part of me thinks this was all staged on his part and caught her off guard. Another part tells me that these two idiots are not at all compatible. 

A LOT that I have been reading in comments is that this dude was "friend-zoned." Can we please stop with that? To me, "Friend-Zone" is a term that describes someone who can't fathom that they may not be someone's ideal mate. "Friend-Zone," to me, is a load of crap and should stop being used because it just pushes the idea that women and men HAVE to be attracted to or give someone a chance, even if they aren't interested. 

ANYWAY, here is the uncomfortable moment on "Let's Make a Deal." Host Wayne Brady asks the pair how long they've been together and this is just awkward. Also, heads up: her laugh gets really loud and may burst an eardrum. 

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