Would You Eat This?: Tarantula Burger

I don't know if this is made for shock value or if people are actually demanding to eat tarantulas, but this is a hard pass for me. A restaurant in North Carolina is serving a tarantula burger and, hold on, where's the trash can? Ah, thank you. Let me direct my projectile vomit at it while you read more about why this burger exists:

"Bull City Burger, known for its pasture-raised beef burgers, is in the midst of its seventh annual Exotic Meats Month, an April tradition where pythons, alligators and scorpions join the menu.

There’s also a tarantula challenge, where adventurous diners chow down on a burger of gruyere cheese, spicy chili paste and, well, a tarantula. The prize, beyond social media glory, is a pretty sweet T-shirt. Bull City started the month with 15 tarantulas. Now, there are just two."

Wait. This burger is supposed to be around $30 (with fries) and all you get for eating a fat f***ing tarantula is a t-shirt? Is this so you can look cool on Instagram? Is this because a tarantula shot your pa? What ACTUAL joy do you get out of this besides maybe actually liking the taste? 

Oh yeah, THE TASTE. 

“It’s an oven-baked, salted, zebra tarantula,” said Bull City Burger owner Seth Gross. “It’s very crispy, just like the end of a fried shrimp tail.” 

So, no. Great. 

Luckily, this has been done on a lottery kind of system. No word yet if anywhere else would sell something so gimmicky yet, but...would YOU try something like this? 

Get more info on the tarantula burger HERE! 

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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