Coffee Could Be Good for Your Heart

Ok, caffeine in general. However, I'm drinking a giant mug of my mother's milk right now, so it's satisfying to know that it could be good for my heart! Let's be real, though, there's a study about every six months that declares coffee to either be good or bad for your health. So, I mean...*shrug*

In the latest edition of the "Journal of the American College of Cardiology," a study reveals that drinking coffee or tea daily could help out individuals with heart issues. 

Researchers in England found the caffeine in coffee and tea might lead to lower rates of irregular heartbeat.  They say consuming the amount of caffeine in 3 cups of coffee a day might be safe for people with irregular heartbeat.  But while caffeine from coffee and tea might be a good thing, researchers warn people with pre-existing heart conditions to stay away from energy drinks that have high levels of caffeine.  

Check out the story HERE and check out more health benefits of that magic bean below:

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