Titanic Musical's Stage Falls Right After Iceberg Scene

I don't want to call this ironic because that word gets thrown around a lot. In fact, I don't know WHAT to call it. I just know that this seems appropriate.

Titanic the Musical was having its opening night at the Mayflower in the U.K Right after the ship hits the iceberg in the show, the show's set started falling apart. 

Via Time:

On opening night of the musical’s run in Southampton, where the Titanic set off on its maiden voyage back in April 1912, the ship struck the iceberg—and then the set started falling in. According to the BBC, audience members saw debris falling across the stage and while some thought it was an on-stage effect, the reality was a bit more dire. The staff at the Mayflower theater announced that the show was being halted for “health and safety reasons” and quickly ushered the audience out.

You can check out the whole story HERE!

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