If You See a Hitchhiker That Looks Like Jared Leto...

It MAY actually be Jared Leto. 

Thirty Seconds to Mars is releasing their new album, America, on Friday and to commemorate that, the band's front man will be traveling across America. 

Calling it "Mars Across America," Leto will go across the country to get to know the people of America.

Via Rolling Stone, Leto made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon:

"I'm actually gonna hitchhike across the country," Leto emphasized. "Hopefully [ride] a donkey through the Grand Canyon. What better way to celebrate America then travel around and ask people about their lives?"

"People are gonna watch this and think it's a gag," Leto added. "I'm actually doing this."

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 I have to admit, "Mars Across America" is a damn clever name for a stunt. 

You can check out his visit on The Tonight Show below and, of course, check out a couple of the songs from Thirty Seconds to Mars' new album:

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