Fake Word from The Simpsons is Now in the Dictionary

The Simpson, even in it's 211th season, STILL manages to have an effect on pop culture. I mean, I still love the show (seriously some well written stuff from the late seasons), so when I saw that yet ANOTHER word from Springfield's Lexicon would be added to the Merriam-Webster dictionary...I was not shocked.  "D'oh" has already been included. 

"Embiggen" is now included in dictionaries, defined as: "to make bigger or more expansive enlargeexpand"  The word was first used in the episode 'Lisa the Iconoclast' as Jebediah Springfield arrives to the town that will take his name and declares, "A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. "

Yes, it's a fake word. No, Webster's doesn't care. A lot of us use it and it's perfectly cromulent.

Other words being added to the dictionary include "cryptocurrency," "glamping," "dumpster fire," "mansplain," and "welp." You can check out more words being added to Merriam-Webster HERE and, of course, check out the origin of "embiggen" down below:

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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