Life Advice: Don't Pee All Over Elevator Buttons

I feel like I SHOULDN'T have to warn people about this, but OK: don't pee all over elevator buttons. First of all, it's rude. Like...what if someone pissed all over buttons that you would have to touch? Second of all, you might set the elevator on fire. 

In the footage, you can see the teen urinating on the panel, making sure to get every button, but when he gets to his stop, the doors don't open. Instead, the lights on the buttons start flashing and the kid panics. Then smoke starts coming from the panel and the elevator lights go out.  

The boy was rescued by the building's maintenance department, but no one can rescue him from his parents, who now have to pay for the damage he caused.

In other words, keep your wang in while riding an elevator.

One of the finest examples of the human race, I tell ya. Read more about it HERE and check out the video of the incident below:

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