Listen to Chris Cornell's Take on Johnny Cash

There will be a new compilation coming out, covering unreleased songs from Johnny Cash. Via Spin:

Johnny Cash: Forever Words will feature Kacey MusgravesBrad PaisleyJewelElvis Costello, and more setting music to unearthed poems, letters, and lyrics from the prolific songwriter. 

And, of course, hearing Chris Cornell cover Johnny is a little heartbreaking...

Through the years there were things that he wrote that he set aside. There were songs that he had lyrics for, maybe he had music maybe didn’t that that he never recorded… [H]e wrote “You Never Knew My Mind” in 1967. I assume and I’m fairly certain it was written for his first wife, Vivian. That was the year that their divorce was legal. It was also the year where his love for my mother flourished. So “You Never Knew My Mind” was not something that he would have released at that time because my mother was standing beside him… [T]here were actually two pieces. There was “You Never Knew My Mind” and “I Never Knew Your Mind,” they were they were basically the same lyric that was written from two different standpoints. And Chris took the two pieces and put them together in this one.

Read more HERE!

And check out the story behind this recording. 

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