Wind Beneath My Wings: An Emergency Landing Due to Farts

A fist fight and an emergency landing over someone's butt. Ah, ok.

A Transavia Airlines flight from Dubai to Amsterdam Schiphol was forced to make an emergency landing after passengers got into a fist fight at 40,000 feet because one man refused to stop passing gas. According to Fox News, the pilot warned the individuals to calm down but was forced to divert the plane to Vienna Airport, where police removed four passengers from the flight. 

I enjoy how the AV Club handled the word "fart:"

The plane was eventually diverted to Vienna, and police with dogs removed the farter, the anti-farters, and two sisters who were seated near the men involved in the toot turmoil. Those sisters are now suing the airline, saying they didn’t do anything wrong and that being kicked off the flight was “humiliating.”

Know what else should be humiliating? Getting into a fight over farts. Read more HERE!

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