Olympics Coverage: A Jazz Version of Wonderwall

I haven't been watching the Olympics as much as I had in the past, but I am glad that I caught this in the news. 

So,  Germany's Paul Fentz did a figure skating routine to a jazzy version of "Wonderwall" from Oasis. I'm a little weirded out that anyone RECORDED this version of the song. Not sure if I like it or hate it. I appreciate the ballsiness of Fentz wanting to do this routine (I used to loooove skating routines at the Olympics) because it's something DIFFERENT. But, uh...it's also a jazz version of Oasis. Other people are baffled:


You can watch Paul Fentz do this at an earlier championship match without talking or commentary. That means you can listen to ALL of Jazz-Oasis:

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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