Missed Grammy Moment: Portugal. the Man's Win

I didn't watch The Grammys. I know I should for my job, but I just can't handle watching awards shows as much, especially when there is obvious bias happening. The Grammys didn't even televise rock or alternative categories, so.... *shrug* HOWEVER, I am sad that I missed this initially.

Portugal. The Man won for Best Pop Performance for a Duo or Group. They beat out Coldplay, Imagine Dragons, and yep-they knocked down Bieber. 

Via Consequence of Sound:

Bassist Zach Carothers concluded the band’s acceptance speech by proclaiming “Hail Satan!” (seemingly in reference to the run of Gospel and Christian Grammy announcements that had occurred moments earlier). Frontman John Gourley, standing in the background, took a swig from a flask and appeared to wipe his ass with the trophy.

A-holes? Maybe. Kind of funny considering the BS that the Grammys tend to pull? I am down. Check out the video HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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