What is a Poop Knife?

So I came across this a couple of days ago and it immediately caught my attention because of one word: "Poop." Yeah, I'm a childish oaf. But never-I mean NEVER- have I heard of a "poop knife."

APPARENTLY a "poop knife" is used to, uh...make it easier for you to flush your crap. Meaning, you use the knife to cut the poop up so it'll flush easier. 

I KNOW. "Robin, why are you telling us about this gross thing you read online?" Because I want to know if you've ever heard of this. Or do you have something similar? Or do you have any weird things that only your own family has?

The whole thing originated on Reddit (of course) and got a surprising amount of responses:

Read more about the "poop knife" HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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