Stray Dog Crashes Wedding, Gets Adopted

A wedding-crasher in Brazil recently proved that persistence pays off.

Marília Pieroni and Matheus Gomes Martins were tying the knot in an outdoor ceremony when it started to rain. So the couple and all of their guests were quickly moved under a tent for the ceremony. But there was one uninvited guest – a muddy stray dog who was also looking to get out of the rain.

Wedding organizers led the wet pooch back outside, but it returned a short while later. It was kicked out again, but then it returned a third time and made it perfectly clear that it wasn't going back outside.

The dog walked down the aisle and laid down on the bride's long veil for a nap. The couple was thoroughly entertained by the dog and decided to let it stay for the reception and have some food from the buffet. When he was done eating, he left and returned to the streets.

After the wedding, the couple couldn't stop thinking about the dog, so they went on social media to ask for help in finding him. Finally, they were reunited with him and they decided to adopt him. They named him Snoop and gave him a forever home.

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Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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