Dave Grohl Hints at Guest On Foo Fighters Record

Foo Fighters new album, Concrete and Gold, is out in September and we've been hearing about a supposed special guest on the album. It's been confirmed that there IS a member of Boyz II Men on the album, which kind of made me explode with excitement. This other special guest? Well, they're "the biggest pop star in the world," according to Dave Grohl. Dave says that it's not Adele or Taylor Swift, so...who is it? 

"I'd be amazed if anyone can really figure it out. But it was great and this person's been around a long time," he continues. "And [he or she is] very talented–more so than I ever knew. But, of course, I f***ing ran my mouth off; now I have to answer to it every time I pick up the telephone and I'm like, 'F**k! I shouldn't have said anything.'"

My guesses: Justin Timberlake, Lady Gaga, Paul McCartney. Who do you think it is? Read more about it HERE!

Robin Jones

Robin Jones

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