Hectic Films: Border Brothers

The guys from Hectic Films have been BUSY. They're constantly working on new stuff, coming up with new ideas, and surprising Bakersfield residents with each project they complete.

This week, you can check out their latest film, Border Brothers, at the Fox Theater! 

Brian takes a job from a relative in the mafia to smuggle weed over the Mexican border. In the process Brian unknowingly smuggles two Mexican immigrants in the trunk, Juan and Lupe. Robbed by a local drug lord, they find themselves stuck on the road in search of the stolen product. Only problem is that Brian doesn't speak any Spanish while Juan and Lupe don't speak any English either. Will gunshots, explosions, a helicopter and a rooster stop them from getting the weed back? 

HA! Apparently the guys were able to get some of the filming done in Tijuana (shhh) along with working on stuff here. I'm proud of how much these guys have done. 

Tickets for Thursday's screening are $10, BUT if you want to get yourself a pair of tickets...e-mail me! RobinJones2@IHeartMedia.com You'll want to get there early for the red carpet too! 

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