A fifth-grade boys' basketball team in New Jersey just scored a huge moral victory – by agreeing to lose every game this season by forfeit.

The boys, students at St. John's elementary school in the town of Clark, were told that their co-ed team was a violation of Catholic league rules, so they had to ditch their two female players or ditch the season, even though they'd already played several co-ed games. Much to the surprise of the diocese, which issued the order, the nine boys voted unanimously to stand up for girl power and chalk up an entire season of losses.

Although their final game was canceled, they decided to play a scrimmage in the gym anyway, with a pizza celebration afterward. One of the boys led a pre-pizza prayer, saying, "We are all here today supporting the girls and having this fun game. It's been a great season and it's been fun having all you guys play basketball. Amen."

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