Lulu Belle - "I'd adopt her, but she's a Pit."


Here we go again. No one wants Lulu Belle. She's SUPER dog friendly! She's had 5 kennel mates so far, and THEY have all been adopted. Probably because people see how good they are with Lulu. Yet Lulu can't catch a break. Time after time she's passed over for another dog. This has been going on for over a month. And that means that she needs to find a home or a rescue fast. If Lulu Belle was some other type of dog, she'd have been adopted quickly. But she was born a Pittie. And her life is in danger because of the lies, the myths, and the discrimination that still exists when it comes to these incredible dogs. She's available for adoption or rescue at Kern County Animal Services - 3951 Fruitvale Avenue - Bakersfield Ca. - 661-868-7100 - ID# A1113287


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