A Star Wars fan has re-edited The Last Jedi!

Let's just get to it - CLICK HERE TO WATCH IT!

It took longer than he planned, but professional film editor Ivan Ortega has re-edited the entire movie! No matter what your thoughts are on The Last Jedi, good or bad, watching this re-edit is definitely worth your time. And if you're like me, and HATED The Last Jedi, this version of the movie is SOOO much better! Many scenes have been re-edited in a way that "fixes" the problems that The Last Jedi created. There are plenty of surprises that improve and enhance the story of this movie and of the overall saga.

Some of the "fixes" include -

How Luke reacts to seeing his blue lightsaber again.

How Luke reacts to the news about Han.

What Rey learns from Luke.

Luke's confrontation with Kylo Ren.

Fin waking up.

Canto Bight.

Holdo's jump to lightspeed.

And much, much more!

To get a behind the scenes look at the work that went into this re-edit, check out Ivan Ortega's YouTube channel HERE!

Danny Spanks

Danny Spanks

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