Foster this dog for just 11 days and you will save his life!


BOBBY is a super-cute 2 year old Pit Mix, but no one has shown any interest in adopting him. However, if he can just make it to June 11th, his chances of being adopted are excellent! Every year, on June 11th, Kern County Animal Services joins animal shelters all over the county for a major adoption event called "Just One Day". The shelter will have extended hours (9am-8pm) and all adoptable dogs will have their adoption fee reduced to just $11! It's their biggest adoption day of the year! But for dogs like Bobby, June 11th will be too late. His time will be up before then. Unless he's adopted in the next few days *OR* he's fostered (given a temporary home) until the Just One Day adoption event. And Bobby isn't the only one. There are countless dogs at the shelter in the exact same situation. They are handsome, beautiful, cute, playful, friendly.... Everything you could want in a pet! But because of the non-stop stream of stray and abandoned dogs being brought to the shelter every single day, even highly adoptable dogs like Bobby are in danger of being put to sleep because the shelter would literally overflow. But there's a solution - create more room! And that is where the Foster Program comes in! Open your home to a dog like Bobby and BOOM! More room has been made! Your home becomes and extension of the shelter! Bobby will have a safe place to stay until his permanent home can be found! The more foster homes, the more dogs will have those extra few days they need to find their permanent person or forever family! And on top of that, it costs you nothing! The shelter provides everything the dogs need! All you have to do is keep them safe and show them the love they deserve. The overwhelming majority of pets that enter the foster program find new long-term homes and make it out of the shelter alive. The short version is this - If you foster a pet, you will save its life. Please consider fostering Bobby. If it's not Bobby, find some other dog or cat that needs you. June 11th is just 11 days away. But for many dogs, without fosters, it's not soon enough.

(PS - Or you could just adopt a one. There's that too.)

CLICK HERE to find out more about the Foster Program at Kern County Animal Services!

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