Honey has saved other dogs, but who will save her?


Honey has saved the lives of many dogs at the shelter. But who's going to save her? Many dogs have come into the shelter timid, stressed, and afraid. But when they were paired with Honey, she reassured them, played with them, and became their friend. Her playmates and kennel mates have been adopted, often because people have seen the way they interacted and played with Honey! But no one wants HER. She's been waiting to find a home since April. This is the classic case of a "dog discrimination". #1 - She's black. #2 - She's listed as a Pit Mix. This combination makes her one of the hardest types of dogs to find homes for. Despite the fact that she loves other dogs and is fantastic with people! IT'S NOT FAIR! But this is typical when it comes to dogs like Honey. And many of them don't make it out of the shelter. Please help Honey's story have a happy ending. Adopt her. Rescue her. Foster her. For Honey, WE are her only hope.



Danny Spanks

Danny Spanks

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