This special needs Pittie needs a home!


CARLI is a 6 year old, special needs Pit Bull. She's deaf. She's also overweight and has some treatable skin conditions. Those 2 things are easy to deal with. The bigger and more important question is if she will make it out of the shelter. She's very timid and shy, but she loves attention and affection. Because of her weight, she's not very active. She spends most of her time just laying in her kennel, rarely getting up or moving around. She's not going to be adopted or rescued because she's the prettiest or the most playful. She will only be saved when someone feels it with their heart. And realizes what a special dog she is. Sit with her for just a minute or two. You can feel her longing to be loved. Craving attention. Dreaming of a home. Hoping to find someone who needs her just as much as she needs them. She's available for adoption for just $20 at Kern County Animal Services. (ID #1103540 / Kennel Q09)

Danny Spanks

Danny Spanks

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