Spend just 1 day with a dog to help save it's life

Kern County Animal Services’ New “Holiday Hounds” Program Asks The Community To Take In Shelter Animals During The Holidays

Kern County Animal Services announced a new program today named “Holiday Hounds” that is aimed at providing short-term foster homes for adult shelter dogs during the holidays. Foster families are essential to preparing shelter animals for their eventual adoptive homes, and “Holiday Hounds” seeks to get animals into a loving home, if only for a weekend.

Kern County Animal Services has maintained a substantial foster care program that is largely used for short-term care for over 1,300 underage kittens every year. The “Holiday Hounds” program asks the community to find it in their hearts to take in an adult shelter dog during the Christmas and/or New Years holidays. “We can’t think of a better gift to give our shelter dogs than a home for the holidays”, stated Nick Cullen, Director of Kern County Animal Services. “The Department provides everything a family might need to care for our pups for a short period of time. The only commitment is to love these dogs as if they were your own”. Fostering, even for a brief period, provides so many benefits to shelter dogs and cats. Taking animals out of the shelter environment can reduce stress significantly for a shelter pet, can help in the animals’ adjustment in a new home, and provides some personal feedback on an animals’ personality that can be passed on to its eventual forever family.

If you are interested in becoming a foster family for our “Holiday Hounds” program, or for any of our shelter pets, applications can be obtained at Kern County Animal Services Bakersfield location, at 3951 Fruitvale Ave. Animal Services staff will work with potential foster families to find the right Holiday Hound for their home. Each family will be matched with a dog that will be the best fit. All Holiday Hound dogs will be fully vaccinated, microchipped, and spayed or neutered.

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