I've been waiting to post this video for months!

First things first - Watch this awesome rescue video from Hope For Paws! Then, scroll further down to see my Facebook Live videos with Greshwin prior to his rescue. And some bonus content too!


Big thanks and kudos to Eldad and Loreta from Hope For Paws for rescuing Gershwin! That is the most important thing! He is finally safe and happy! 

But for about a week and a half before his rescue, I had been making nightly trips to the truck stop on Laval Road trying to gain his trust. Other rescuers joined me on some nights - Shawnra Ancheta, Sam & Sissy "The Sisters", and Sam Molina. It started with a call from one of my friends in the music industry named Mark Chotiner. He's the one who first saw Gershwin and called to ask what could be done to save him. 2 nights later I made my first trip out to the Northbound TA Truck Stop on Laval Road. I don't expect anyone to watch ALL of this stuff. But it's here if you're interested.

First time I met Gershwin...


A few nights later...


And then finally there was this one...


Here are some of the other videos I took of Gershwin...


A few weeks ago, I went to visit Gershwin at his foster home and got to pet him for the very first time...


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