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Screech (shown above) was my neighbors dog, but he kept getting out of their yard. I asked if I could adopt him, and find a new home for him. I kept him for about 5 months, and then sent him to Rocket Dog. He was adopted shortly after. Big thanks to Karen O'Neil, Carol Weidenbach, Teresa Walker, and Valerie Louie!

Gravey (seen below) got his name by hanging out at Greenlawn Cemetery on Panorama. It took HOURS, and the help of Barbara Stubblefield to rescue him. Thanks to my rescue rescue friends Shelia and Laura, he stayed with us for a week or two. Then he went to Rocket Dog and was adopted a about week later. Big thanks to Shelia Powelson, Laura Curtis, Teresa Walker, and Pali Boucher!

Danny Spanks

Danny Spanks

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