Tony Romo's Stats To Date

Everyone's talking about Tony Romo! What's the big deal? I'll show you what the big deal is...

Here are his career stats, in the most important statistical categories, in relation to the individual play of an NFL quarterback. These stats transcend generations, games played, and offensive philosophy. 

There are 2 rankings for each category - All-Time Rank / Rank Among Active Players

Completion % - 4th / 2nd 

Advanced Completion % - 10th  / 2nd 

TD % - 4th / 2nd

Advanced TD % - 5th / 2nd

Passer Rating - 4th / 4th

Advanced Passer Rating - 10th / 4th

And although games played effect these rankings, they are worth noting...

4th Quarter Comebacks - 14th / 5th

Game Winning Drives - 17th / 7th

Simply put, if Tony Romo were to retire tomorrow, his career statistics would be nothing short of elite.

The knock on Romo, and why he's not (currently) a future Hall Of Famer,  is his lack of postseason success thus far. But as I've shown in the past ( the postseason is where a dominant team will trump a dominant quarterback on a very regular basis. Although the link above is from a few years ago, it still rings true in 2017.

In regards to Romo's performances in big games, I've covered that too ( Since that time, Romo has appeared in 2 playoff games. In 2014 he won against the Lions, then lost against the Packers (the "Catch/No-Catch" game) Here's his current postseason stats 8 TDS, 2 INTS, Completions 61%, and a Passer Rating of 93.0 ( Those aren't "choker" stats.

And when it comes to Romo's injury history, think about this - Romo wound-up taking the entire 2016 season off. During that time, he rehabbed like a mad man, and by all accounts, once he was healthy enough to play, he looked as good as ever. And now, because the clock is ticking, and he's obviously aware of his injury risk, he's even more determined to stay in top physical condition.

Tony Romo is not a risk. Tony Romo is a bargain. And the team who picks him up will reap great rewards.

For the complete list of the rankings shown above, go here -

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