Please help Marvin, the abandoned dog from Arvin

Marvin was dumped in the middle of nowhere, outside of Arvin. He was dirty, heartbroken, and scared. It took time for him to trust humans again, but he finally did, and Shelly Terrazas was able to rescue him. Now Marvin is in need of consistent medical attention for a multitude of treatable ailments. He's being boarded at For The Birds And More on Rosedale Highway for now, but that costs money too. Getting him off the streets was half the battle. Now we've got to finish the job. Show him you still care by making a donation to help with his medical treatment and boarding. No amount is too large or small. If you think he's a handsome boy now, just imagine how he'll look when he's completely healthy and healed! Thank you for caring and doing your part to help this homeless pet.  

Click his photo below to make a donation! Or send a PayPal payment to "" 

His photo above comes from the live video below...

Danny Spanks

Danny Spanks

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