Bakersfield's Blaine Hodge Was Awarded in Washington D.C. for His Heroism!

It's so hard not to smile when I see this guy get recognition. You may remember the story about Blaine Hodge stepping in to stop a woman from being attacked at a Starbucks. Coming to her defense, he stopped a man from attacking her with a machete. In the process, he was injured. It's like the ultimate Good Samaritan Act and I have heard nothing but lovely things about Blaine. Well, he got national recognition in Washington D.C


He was awarded the 2019 Single Act of Heroism Award.

For his actions Hodge was awarded one of the nation's highest civilian honors for heroism.

"To be honest,"Hodge said."I'm still shocked."

"People say you're so courageous and you're so brave, but it's like when you move on compassion, you just go,"he said.

Hodge says he appreciates being honored, and he's enjoyed traveling to the nation's capital for the ceremonies, but says if people remember one thing about his story he wants it to be this message:

"I think it's not about the heroics ... but the biggest thing here is you cannot ignore domestic violence, you can't."

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By the way, Blaine is also a musician under the moniker Static! Check out more about him and his music HERE!

Thank you for being a humble and compassionate example in Kern County! <3



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