Check Out K.Flay's New Video for "Bad Vibes"

Our girl K.Flay just released a video for her new song "Bad Vibes" and it's pretty different. Via

Set in an “involuntary lockdown” prison with pale-pink-jumpsuit-clad inmates,K.Flayreleased a music video for her piercing rock-pop track “Bad Vibes” on Tuesday (March 19).

The video depicts an all-women group of inmates who escaped what appears to be a detention center, while the Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter huskily sings the cautionary lyrics.

In a press release, K.Flay explained what her intention for the Lorraine Nicholson-directed music video was. “We wanted to capture what it means to be trapped inside your own negative psyche -- and how it might feel to break free,” she stated. “Lorraine (our director) had the amazing idea to make basketball and choreographed basketball imagery a central part of the video, and for me that visual just made total sense.”



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