Wow! Kern's Board of Supervisors Just Approved Lightning in a Bottle

In kind of surprising news, Kern County's Board of Supervisors have APPROVED the Lightning in a Bottle Music and Arts Festival to take place at Lake Buena Vista in May. I don't know what swayed their vote, since they had to postpone this from earlier. Maybe it was because the festival kept talking about it like it wasn't even going to be turned down? Who knows? While it's personally not my bag, I'm really happy that something this big is coming to Kern County and happy that people who have been excited for this get to experience it.

Via Turn to 23:

The Kern County Board of Supervisors has voted to move forward with the Lightning in a Bottle Festival.

A vote on the 5-day camping, music and arts festival, slated to come to the Bakersfield area, was initially postponed by the Board earlier this month.

The motion was approved 5 - 0.

Read more about the Lightning in a Bottle Festival HERE!



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