Check Out Weezer Covering Toto

I'm legit confused by the fascination young folk have over Toto's "Africa" and any meme involving it. This is showing my age and probably my lack of communication with our demographic, but I really don't get it. It's a fine song. Nothing too special. Nothing terrible. Wouldn't turn it off if I heard it on a soft rock station and every other station was in commercial-mode. Anyway, there was a petition to get Weezer to cover the song.

Via AltPress:

If, for some reason, you've been following Weezer news in 2018, or you just happen to enjoy crowdsourced attempts to get once-great bands to cover ridiculous (but catchy) songs, you're probably well aware that the Twitter account @WeezerAfrica has been trying to get the "Buddy Holly" alt-rockers to cover Toto's ubiquitous No. 1 '80s hit "Africa" for quite some time now.  And plenty of Twitter users have hopped aboard this lol train—even Toto's David Paich got involved, as reported by Pitchfork. Twitter is funny!

Weezer SORT OF delivered and did one better: they covered a different Toto song because TO HELL WITH YOUR DEMANDS! So, instead of performing a song that most people know from memes...Weezer performed another big hit from the band. Here's Weezer covering Toto's "Roseanna."



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