Throwback: That Time I Interviewed Brendon Urie

With the news of a new Panic! at the Disco album and the release of a new song (check it out HERE), PLUS Brendon Urie singing the Ducktales theme (watch THAT HERE), I figured that this is just going to be Brendon Urie Week for me. I mean, it's always Dave Grohl may as well double up. 

Back in 2013, Panic! at the Disco did a sold out show in Bakersfield. I was super lucky to get to do the interview with Brendon Urie. The dude waited for my friend to show up before he started the interview, gladly discussed the Golden Girls, and helped me come up with an odd metal band. 

You can check out the short version of the interview in video form (sorry about my h'yuck face):


Or, listen to the unedited and super long version on the app:



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