Why Foo Fighters Should Come Back to Bakersfield

Foo Fighters are back out on the road this year and hitting a bunch of Northern California dates. That's GOOD! The closest date to Bakersfield, though, is Fresno on December 1st. I mean, there's Cal Jam on October 7th in San Bernadino, too. But why no Bakersfield? Here are reasons why they should swing back through Kern County:

1) It's been since April of 2003 since the Foos graced a stage together in Bakersfield. That's over 14 years, dude. FOURTEEN YEARS.

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2) They like Bakersfield enough to rehearse for a tour here. Did you know that they were here in town back in 2011 using the Rabobank for rehearsal? I met Taylor Hawkins that week and he was super nice, but I should have really asked..."WHY AREN'T YOU GIVING US A SHOW?!" Instead, I just went to the car and cried over meeting a Foo Fighter.

3) They also dug the Rabobank enough to FILM A DAMN MUSIC VIDEO THERE. The video for "All My Life" was done here in town when the Rabobank was called Centennial Garden.

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4) Nine Inch Nails just did a sold-out show here. Foo Fighters are pals with the NIN crew. So, I mean-imagine if a show with plenty of notice and more tickets happened. Ya know. *nudge nudge*

5) There's a gap in tour dates between November 15th in Tulsa, OK and December 1st in Fresno. Maybe they could possibly fit us into that time? Please, Foos? PLEASE?!


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