Brandon Boyd from Incubus. 


Because of all of the hub-bub about Brandon Boyd allegedly stalking a Real World star, I thought I would share a story about the time that Brandon Boyd should have gotten a restraining order against ME.

Years ago- and I mean YEARS- I took a day trip with some friends to Santa Monica. We saw scary things on the pier, had our fortunes told, rolled our eyes at short shorts… As we were having our lunch (I was eating fries, because it’s important to know all of this information), I noticed a man that looked like Brandon Boyd walk by.

This was a few years into my stint in radio, so I was still giddy over any cool person that came along. Uh, more importantly, I was a young woman who had the hots for Brandon Boyd. Even through those not so good times, Incubus has remained a band that I’ve loved. They remind me of a good thousand laughs I have experienced since I was a teen. I met the Mister a few months after this, but Brandon Boyd will forever be one of my Rock and Roll Conans. I’m really going off-topic.



Here's a photo of me looking like I was walking around for hours (I was) with Brandon Boyd. He looks like he is made out of caramel (he was). And a reminder: this was pre-iPhone and I didn't have a camera. And I didn't know about eyebrows. So halt your judgement.

I decided to follow Brandon to a shop on the pier. Now who’s creepy? Yeaaaah. Worse, though, was that he was with his girlfriend’s daughter. What the hell is wrong with me? Plenty. PLENTY. Especially since I told my friends, “Guys, I have to go” and threw down my french fries. 

I walked up to him, doing the Chihuahua shiver that I do when I meet cool people, and asked him if his name was Brandon.

Side-question: There’s a better way of approaching a celebrity, right? Please inform me of this way, so I never make the same mistake.

Anyway, he said yes. And I asked if he was Brandon Boyd. Again, he said yes. I think he could tell that I was nervous because he gave me a hug. The little girl, in the meantime, was just hanging out and looking at fishing rods. Like she gave a crap who her mom was dating. So, I asked for a photo and blah blah. We did that, I shook his hand and thanked him, and ran out like an idiot.

I was very quiet in the store because I get privacy and what not. As soon as I got outside, though, I called Danny Spanks- because he NEEDED to hear about it. I’m sure he had more important crap to do that day, but he made time to listen to me yammer about how great Brandon Boyd was and how sweet and polite some young, hot dude was. He asked if I mentioned where I worked. Ha. No. Thanks again for listening, Danny.

Years later, I would go on to interview Mike, the guitarist for Incubus. It was an awkward interview (all of my interviews are), and I felt like I was burdening the guy. Boyd, though? Total mensch.