I went to Coachella on Saturday. Major victories occurred.


First off, I DID NOT GET A SUNBURN. I'm a sunscreen ninja. Second, I was awake for over 36 hours while there. Don't ask why because I cannot explain why it happened. Third, how friggin' lucky am I to go to Coachella? Seriously. Seeing Queens of the Stone Age and Muse the same night? I would stand through a good hundred sand storms to do that again.


Here are some photos from my day/night at Coachella. They do not do the festival justice at all. I literally had to remind myself to take photos because I was busy doing things (and that whole sleep deprivation thing, too). So, here's what I saw and stuff. 



I HAVE to share Queens of the Stone Age's set, though. I can't tell you how stupidly excited I was to see them again. I still get giddy and need a fainting couch because of their music. And Josh Homme who...just watch. Dude kills me and turns me into a puddle.