Ya know, about 60 % of the time I actually don't feel too old while doing the Retro Show. I smile and think back on good times. However, today's Retro Show is making me feel kind of...um, ancient. Grunge became so culturally significant that it affected the way music was made, people dressed, and-honestly, the way people smelled. It's true. Little Robin even had flannel. Little Robin also refused to wash her hair every day, though that may not have been a statement of grunge. Anyway, this hour is really, really making me feel old. 

Reasons: 1) A lot of these songs are around 20 years old. These songs are old enough to be in college, drive, smoke...it's crazy knowing that this stuff was around when I was nine years old. 2) I've been playing this music for ten years, since my first shift on KRAB back in 2003 (first weekend of 2003, actually). That means I was already feeling old playing this stuff because these songs were already about ten years old. It's just trippy and cool to be able to play this stuff after so long. It really shows the impact and cultural significance of this era of music. I know- everyone says it, but it's true!
Maybe...juuuust maybe...I'll play some Nirvana.

Anyway, here are some fine examples of what you can hear during today's Retro Show: