Paramore are getting ready to release their new album on April 9th and they've got a tour happening too. In fact, they'll be in L.A. on May 1st! So, of course there many questions to ask the band in an interview. Including, "Who is the best boy band of all time?"

What, did you expect a life to actually be altered by that question? 

Via MTV Australia:

For a group so far removed from the boy band pop scene it comes as quite a surprise for Paramore’s front woman Hayley Williams to have such a firm stance on one iconic band in particular – naming*NSYNC the “best boy band of all time.” 

MTV Australia caught up with the trio during their trip Down Under for Soundwave the week, where Hayley dished on her love for the band that made Justin Timberlake a household name and how One Direction could take a few pointers from the “God Fathers” of male pop. 

“If you wanna talk about boy bands, let’s talk about a real boy band, *NSYNC,” began the redhead. 

“Are One Direction giving any props to the God Fathers? I know there was New Kids before that but let’s really talk about it. *NSYNC are really, hands down, the best boy band of all time, so we don’t have time for One Direction or The Wanted right now, we’re still focusing on *NSYNC,” she gushed. 

“Yeah, I’m sure they’re good dudes,” said guitarist Taylor York referring to the boy bands of today. 

“But they should probably start choreographing.” 

“They should probably start doing five-part harmonies,” interjected Hayley. 

“Hey Harry, let’s hear some 5-part harmony on that next record! Then we’ll talk about where you stand in the ranks with *NSYNC,” she enthused. 

But it’s not just the younger generation of male pop stars that Hayley finds incomparable to the ‘Bye Bye Bye’ singers... 

“I’ll talk trash on Backstreet Boys right now, do you wanna do that? Let’s talk about Backstreet Boys. You don’t compare to *NSYNC either!” she exclaimed. 

Um. It was a slow news day down under. Or something. Apparently it was here, too. I'm not saying N Sync are bad, because they're not. I'm not saying THAT because I have a sister-in-law and a friend who would kill me if I said otherwise. Besides, I like J Tim. Do Boyz II Men count as a boy band? Or are they in their own realm of awesome, what with their voices wanting to make love to you? Also...shouldn't a band play instruments? Let's not get started on that debate.