Since they announced their split last week, My Chemical Romance have been getting a TON of coverage from music magazines. One of the more interesting pieces I have seen on the band is this one from Spin. It covers the career of the band (awkward, artistic, funny, ballady) and the writer goes on to give his take on the best My Chemical Romance songs.

Via Spin:

When Gerard Way formed My Chemical Romance, he was 24 and already pursuing his first dream as a visual artist, writing comic books and interning at Cartoon Network. But when he did start the band, he was sure to give them a perfect comic-book-hero origin story: after witnessing the 9/11 attacks while working in New York, the New Jersey native had an epiphany and decided, strangely, to "make a difference" in the world by… writing rock songs. Even stranger, it worked, and quickly — the band that formed in late 2001 had its first cult-building independent album out the next summer, and by the end of 2004 had released Three Cheers For Sweet Revenge, the major label debut that rocketed the band to MTV fame and platinum sales.

My Chemical Romance's swift rise, penchant for eyeliner, and very young and heavily female fanbase made them the biggest band to come out of Jersey since Bon Jovi, and also afforded them comparable levels of respect from indie rockers and "serious" music fans. But the pale, deathly makeup, dourly melodramatic lyrics about vampires, and histrionic vocals betrayed a band that also had a wicked sense of humor, an irrepressible ear for hooks, and an impressive vocabulary of all the '70s proto punk and classic rock that their creatively inbred Victory Records contemporaries were completely unaware of.

Read the rest of the story HERE and check out some of the writer's choices for the band's best below. I mostly agree with him on his list, which is something that is hard to come by in music magazines these days.