I have been doing public speaking for a very long time, so believe me when I say that I am the right person to give advice on the subject. Do you want to pay for classes? Or would you rather get real-life advice from a person who does public speaking? EXACTLY.

How to Talk to Large Crowds

1) Be sure to do your research. Know your audience. Find words and phrases that will connect your meaning to the spaces in an audience’s brain. Make sure to use a lot of slang and buzzwords, especially from the 1910s. People love that stuff.

2) Be prepared. Write down what you want to say to your audience and- when given the opportunity to speak- COMPLETELY FORGO WHAT YOU HAVE WRITTEN DOWN. It’ll be charming, like in TV shows and movies where someone is reading a written speech, then abruptly stop because they would rather speak from the heart. Forgetting to mention important names is just like that.

3) Stand in front of the crowd with your arms folded. It shows that you can easily use your body to communicate how uncomfortable you are. It also shows how long your arms are and how much they can wrap around one another. It’s impressive.

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4) Speak up. Do you have to say anything intelligible? Nope. Just speak up. Crowds love it when you over-compensate your lack of content with yelling. Lots. Of. Yelling.

5) Single out one person in your audience and talk to them. If they have something weird on, say an average baseball cap, refer to this person with a nickname. In this case…Hat.

6) Stare dead-eyed into the sea of people and wonder if they are thinking about how bloated you look, but probably aren’t. Eye contact. All about eye contact.


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