This is in honor of my parents buying me a travel coffee mug with black bears on it. My parents- combining two of my loves. Coffee and bears. So here is a bunch of stuff about animals.

Found this HERE, but this...this kills me.

Videos of animals doing people things= something that I love. Here is a small compilation of animal videos that make me laugh-wheeze with delight.

Still, ya know...despite being jerks, Everybody Wants to be a Cat 

A dog that snores like Donald Duck (I know it says Daffy, but that's clearly Donald. I have looked into the history of Donald's family, so I know what I'm talking about).

Seal pups trying to get onto and stay on a surfboard. Yes.

Drunk monkeys. Why is it that drunk monkeys are more appealing than drunk humans? Is it because monkeys don't try to wear high heels while drinking or start punching people they call bros?