There's been talk this week about the NFL creating a new rule in which use of the N word on the field would result in a 15 yard penalty. Kind of a touchy subject, so let me just state for the record - I don't use the word, and I don't like the word. There are a lot of opinions on the word, but the word itself, and how it's used, doesn't change my take on this proposed rule by the NFL - I am against it. The reason is simple - It's hypocritical.

You can't penalize the N word, but not penalize the word F##, or P####, or B####, or M##### F#####, and many more. These are all offensive words, that are intended to insult, hurt, or degrade. Just as words like PUNK, CHUMP, BOY, and countless others are! It's a part of the game, and always has been. The mental aspect of the game cannot be overlooked or discounted. If someone can call you a name, and your performance suffers because of that, they have the advantage. Then again, many players use an insult directed at them as fuel, and it backfires on the one who said it. It can work either way.

And then of course there are the situations where these offensive words are used in a positive or friendly way, or as a term of endearment, because the players using the term aren't using it in a derogatory way - "That was a great hit! You are one bad M##### F######!"

What about Christian players? There's a lot of those in the NFL. Pretty sure they find most profanity offensive. Should there be a penalty for profanity as well?

You can't take the passion out of the game. If a player makes a good play, or a even a bad play, there's a good chance he's gonna be fired up about it. And when players are fired up, they're gonna say some things - (Insert the infamous Richard Sherman interview here) If you start regulating the way players talk to each other, or to their opponents, the game will soften and change. What's next? A "positivity" rule? Where you can only say nice things to each other? "Nice tackle! I think I might have a concussion!" or "I'm sorry I scored a touchdown on you. But you tried your best, and that's the most important thing." I have less of a problem with the safety rules like eliminating hits to the head and knees than I do with this proposed language rule.

If you ban one word, you've got to ban 'em all. And if you do that, you've got ban any negative comments at all. And if you do that, then LOSER would become a bad word. And if you do that, you might as well just start handing out participation ribbons.

Whether it's the N word, or the F word, or the B word, or the Z word - If you want to change the language on the field, change the language off the field. It's not the NFL's job to play the role of the morality police, that's up to us as a society. That's why I don't use the N word, and I hope you don't either.

I also think some good points are made in this video...