This article bothers me... columnists on Peyton Manning's future

None of them give Peyton much of a shot at going to, much less winning, another Super Bowl. Now granted, I'm not as smart as any of them are, but they're being dumb.

Peyton just had one of, if not THE, best seasons IN THE HISTORY OF THE NFL! League MVP, broke the single season yardage and touchdown records, and led his team to the Super Bowl. Now, because his team got demolished in the Super Bowl, Manning should hang it up? Give me a break.

Many of them talk about how tough it is to get to the Super Bowl, whcih is true. Many of them talk about the parity of the league, which is also true. And many of them talk about how dominant the NFC looks to be for the next few years, which is also true. However, let's looks at the last 3 NFC and AFC championship games - Both the Patriots and the 49ers have played in all 3! If Denver has surpassed New England, it's not too far fetched to suggest that Manning has another shot at a second straight AFC championship game, and potentially another Super Bowl appearance.

"But the NFC defenses are so tough!" That's true. But in the same way Denver's explosive offense didn't show up on Super Sunday, the same can happen to an elite defense. Also, Manning (and hopefully his coaches) will learn from Sunday's disaster. All offenses and defenses have a weakness. It's just a matter of who figures it out, and when. If anyone can crack the code of the Seattle, San Fran, or Carolina defense, it's Manning. 

Now I'm not suggesting that Denver's just gonna steamroll their way into the Super Bowl again next year. Getting to a Super Bowl is hard. Getting there again the next year is even harder. But to act as though Manning's washed-up, has no chance, and should just retire, is simply ridiculous.

Elway and Favre are 2 of the greatest QBs of all-time, and both of them led their teams to conference championships and Super Bowls when they were older than Manning is now. Sure Peyton's window is closing, but it ain't closed yet.

And if he should make it back to the Super Bowl and win that second ring, Super Bowl 48 will be forgiven, and he will still rise to the top of the all-time quarterback list.