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Courtney Love's Twitter defamation case is headed to trial. 

A Los Angeles Superior Court judge ruled Friday that a jury should make the final decision in the lawsuit filed against Love by her former attorney Rhonda Holmes. 

Holmes claims the rocker damaged her character in 2010 by tweeting that the attorney had been "bought off" in regards to a fraud case against those handling Kurt Cobain's estate. 

Love's attorneys argued that sensational language is used a lot on the social media site, and things people tweet shouldn't necessarily be treated the same as the things they say via news organizations. 

Holmes' team, however, argues that this is still an example of character assassination.  They also point out that people "subscribe" to Love's Twitter feed just like they would newspapers. 

The judge seemed to side with Holmes.  He wrote that Love has a "big following" that hangs on everything she "does and says and tweets." 

The case will go to trial sometime next month, and is expected to last about ten days. 

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